The Team behind The Space Between and

Delta Epsilon Productions

The Space Between is being created by Delta Epsilon Productions, a group of 6, 4th year Media Production Students from Ryerson University. We are a group of creative, imaginative and enthusiastic young artist who are beyond excited to be exploring the world of multi-platform narratives. We are dedicated to making this project unique and inspiring to our audience. We each have different talents, such as writing, designing, organizing, and visualizing, but it's when we all come together that we form an unstoppable force. We are so proud and excited to share this project with you and we can't wait for you to join the journey into Dionysia.

CHARA HO - Co-Director/Co-Writer

With her love of science fiction and art galleries, Chara has always been infatuated with pushing the boundaries of storytelling and exploring the unknown. Chara aims to tell stories that inspire and challenge the way we perceive the human experience. She currently runs a freelance design and photography business servicing brands such as the Toronto Raptors, Leafs, TFC, Argos, Real Sports, e11even, Scotiabank Arena, and more. As the co-director/writer, The Space Between is Chara’s latest passion project and exploration of outside-the-box transmedia storytelling.

CARRI CHEN - Co-Director/Co-Writer

Chara’s less articulate counterpart, but give her pencil and paper and she’s good to go! Carri is a Chinese-Canadian screenwriter and director. She draws inspiration from the systemic struggles of living as a second generation immigrant and the internal debate for cultural identity. Her past work “Mud Doll” was entered in the Toronto Youth Shorts Film Festival and was nominated for the Best Emerging Youth Talent Award. As the co-writer and co-director of The Space Between, Carri hopes to push the boundaries of traditional storytelling methods as well as on screen representation. 


Kelsey always had a love for photography and videography and has loved pursuing this during her time at Ryerson. When she’s not at school, Kelsey is busy with her freelance photography business - Kelsey Bowles Media. Kelsey often jokes that she is getting her bachelor’s degree in organizing and is putting this to good use as the producer of this project. 

JUSTYNE EDGELL - Associate Producer/Co-Marketing Director

Justyne grew up in a very artistic family, and spent most of her free time at the dance studio, taking music lessons, or exploring her big country backyard. She always had a love for photography, but it wasn’t until high school that she discovered and developed her love for design and production. She is now exploring the world of entrepreneurship as she runs her own freelance photography and design business. 

JAKE BENAIM - Co-Marketing Director

Aside from his affinity for hot coffees and dank memes, Jake makes things look pretty…. Or in more professional words, design! He’ll never forget that magical day of ninth grade when he was first introduced to Adobe Illustrator. Since then, he’s been hooked on everything design-related. Jake works as a teaching assistant for both graphic design and creative media courses, as well as a Production Assistant at the CBC. By developing our brand identity and social media presence, he’s excited to use transmedia principles and platforms to reach the next level.


An avid reader, knitter, and plant collector, Monique had a love for creative storytelling and world-building ever since she was young. In high school, she started exploring this through photography and design and has continued to build on it since in university through video production. Monique is excited to use her knowledge of technology and transmedia in combination with crafting and design skills to bring the world of The Space Between to life in a tangible way.

The Space Between by Delta Epsilon Productions


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