We have finished filming! The Space Between is well into film production! Every film portion has been recorded and we are now into the editing process. Here are some behind the scenes shots of our 2 weekends of filming!

Our app is in development! On Oct. 3rd we did the first dry run of The Space Between AR app! we sat down with Hex.Hack, our app developers, to test out the first draft of our super cool app! our mouths all dropped when we saw it in action for the first time. Here's a short clip of what's in production.

Installation in motion! It's sort of crazy how fast time flies. We only have one short month until our installation opens and we still have a lot of work ahead. We are in craft mode and have been working on lots of cool project for the installation. from lantern making to curtain rentals we are getting the space set up to be a totally amazing experience for our audience. Here are a few photos from our installation building!

We have completed user testing! To ensure that everything works perfectly, and that the experience of The Space Between is in top form, we conducted a day of user testing with 10 guests. With only about 24 hours to build our set, we were able to create a toned down version of how the real installation will look. We ran our test subjects, and tested the app to its full potential. While we ran into a few hiccups, and got a lot of great feedback, we are now ready to build the real deal for all of you! This time we will have 6 whole days to set up and ensure that everything is in pristine shape for our opening on December 5th. We can't wait to see you there! Here are some photos from user testing!

The Space Between by Delta Epsilon Productions


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